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Water Tank Installation

You can install a water tank in your yard to help you save water. It is an economic way to make use of rainwater and use it in different ways around and in your home. Once you know what you want to use your water tank for, you can then consider the installation method to be used. The tank needs to be placed in a safe area and position.

Below are 5 ways to make use of a water tank:

Water (Rain) Harvesting

Water harvesting is collecting rainwater for human, animal, and irrigation use. You can also store the water in ponds (above the ground), cisterns, shallow aquifers, or subsurface reservoirs. Water harvesting is an old method that assisted in dry areas by saving water where it was scarce. It is a brilliant economic way to help save water at home.

Livestock Water

Livestock water harvesting helps with saving water and having extra water for livestock. Using covered tanks helps to avoid evaporation and to keep the water clean. Covering the tank and using translucent material will help to reduce the growth of algae.

Domestic use

One of the benefits of domestic water harvesting is that it reduces water costs. There are two types of domestic rainwater systems.

Direct- the water that is harvested gets pumped to the home appliances.

Indirect – the water gets pumped to a tank and then gravity feeds the home appliances.

This water can be for sinks, bathing and showering, laundry, and toilets.

Swimming Pool

Another collection reservoir for water can be a swimming pool. Swimming pools have a skimmer where excess rainwater that comes in goes to the balancing tank or the re-circulation pump. When it rains, water that falls over the surface area of the pool gets used to fill collection chambers or buffer tanks. Water harvesting for swimming pools also helps reduce water bills in your home.

Garden Watering

Rainwater is soft. The less the water gets treated, the fewer chemicals it has. Rain harvesting water is an economical way to save on your water bill. This also helps when water is scarce as you will always have excess water from your harvest.

The above 5 ways to make use of a water tank need to be connected to your house roof for water collection. If you know what you are doing, installing a water tank will be easy when you know what you will be using it for.

Keep the following in mind:

You need to prepare the tank base.

Depending on where you buy your tank, your fittings may or may not be pre-installed. If not, you must connect the pipes from the fitting to the stormwater drainage system. Or they can be in a place well clear of the tank, without undermining the base.

You must fit the pipes that go from the roof to the tank lid. There are certain filters needed if you plan on using your water tank for human consumption. Also note, you must make sure the filter basket is in place inside the lid of your water tank.

For the tank base, you can either use concrete or compacted material.

For a concrete base – You can pour a 3-inch reinforced slab, it must be level and flat in every direction. The base dimensions should be larger than the vertical tank. Make sure the soil is compact before the concrete is poured.

For a compacted base – Make a 3-inch pad of crusher dust base, it must be 24-inches larger than the diameter of the water tank at least. There must not be any stones, sharp and or foreign objects that may damage. A retaining wall of some sort must support the base on the outsides. This helps cut washing out or vermin that will occur, which helps avoid erosion. The base must be compacted and flat in every direction.

The above steps are not mandatory or the only way to install a water tank.

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