blocked drain services cape town

Blocked Drain Specialists in Cape Town

Pro CT Plumbing is a well-known Cape Town based plumbing company who deal with all kinds of blocked drain scenarios. If you are looking for plumbers in Cape Town who can unblock drains fast, then you can rest assured that Pro CT Plumbing will get the job done fast. We respect our clients’ properties, and we make sure that our drain unblocking team work effectively with the time allotted to them. We are clean, we are fast, we are professional, and we are recommended blockage experts in the Cape Town area.

We cover all southern suburbs in Cape Town and our clients make use of our services every time they have a drain blockage on their property. We can unblock your drains quickly to prevent damage in the future. Our reliable and well-trained blocked drain team will always be on hand 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

blocked drain services cape town

Cape Town Blocked Drain Near Me Solution

If you are looking for blocked drain near me on the internet, then you probably need a blocked drain company to assist you with clearing your blocked drain. It is important to work with a professional plumber who won’t use just any blocked drain cleaner, but who will assess your blockage and offer the best and most environmentally friendly blockage solution. When people do blocked drain near me searches online, they usually just want to find a plumber fast to deal with their blockage. But this is not wise.

Every blocked drain problem is unique and need to be assessed by a professional plumber to see what the best unblocking cleaner solution will be. Sometimes a cctv sewer camera is needed to see why the pipes always clog in certain areas. It could be that tree roots are causing the blockage and in this case a plunger or pouring boiling water down the pipe or using soda with hot water won’t work. In these instances, you will need a professional drain unblocking tool like a hydro jetting machine to cut through those roots. If you don’t, many plumbing issues may arise that could lead to nightmares for a homeowner.

If you’re a homeowner or a business owner, stop searching for blocked drain near me and make sure you work with a licensed plumber. A professional plumber knows how to clear a drainpipe and will make sure that whatever is blocking your drainpipe, that it gets removed.

If you call Pro CT Plumbing today, you can rest assured that you work with experienced blocked drain plumbers who will get your drain unblocked fast.

Blocked Drain Companies You Can Rely On

We understand that many a plumber does not deliver on their promises. We don’t do that. Our plumbing company is committed to give the Cape Town community brilliant plumbing services at very affordable rates. Pro CT Plumbing is determined to become the most sought after blocked drain experts in the Cape Town region. With us, all your drainage problems will disappear. Most blocked drain companies in Cape Town don’t have the tools nor the manpower to deal with your plumbing issues. However, our professional plumbers have all the experience and tools needed to get your drain blockage sorted as soon as possible. If you want to work with blocked drain companies that go the extra mile, then Pro CT Plumbing is your best plumbing choice.

Who do you call if your drains are blocked?

A blocked drain can result in a chaos if left unattended. To avoid such issues, we have devised expert blocked drain solutions to seal and clean drains and blockages quickly without the use of chemicals for domestic or commercial customers alike. No wonder our professional plumbers are the experts when it comes to unblocking pipes & drainage systems around Cape Town. It is always a good idea to work with a professional drainage expert who can advise you on a long-term solution. When a blockage is severe, things like a cup of vinegar, pouring boiling water down the drain, using baking soda, using a chemical drain cleaner and other potential blockage solutions, won’t help. You could try it, but you will find that these diy methods will cause more frustration than solutions. Especially if you have severe blockages that needs to be dealt with immediately. If you have a stubborn blocked drain, then the next step is to call Pro CT Plumbing. We will make sure that your plumbing system is running smoothly in no time at all.

Can you claim on insurance for blocked drains?

Usually, this is not possible. If however the blocked drain can be proven to have caused damage to the property, then you may have a chance of claiming it through insurance. It is always wise to check this with your insurer. There may be certain conditions where they are willing to cover the cost of an unblocking a blocked drain.

How do I unblock my outside drain?

If you don’t want to use a plumber and prefer to unblock your outside drain yourself, you can start by lifting the grate that covers the blocked drain. Then, you could use your hands to break open any sludge that’s causing the clog. You could also scrape off the grease with your hands and if you feel any tree roots, you can try and break them off. We don’t recommend doing this when you are dealing with sewage. That’s best left for a professional plumber. If however the problem is closer to the opening of the external drain, then your hands will do a good job usually. Make sure to wear protective clothing to protect you from unhygienic materials.

If the blockage is further down the pipes, then you could throw 1 cup of baking soda and after that 1 cup of vinegar down the pipes. This should result in a chemical reaction when these 2 substances meet. This also works well when you have a blockage in your kitchen sink or shower drain. Take caution though not to get these products in your eyes. If you do, you need to wash it immediately. You should give this chemical reaction some time to do its magic. Leave the mixture for 30 to 45 minutes. After that you can pour boiling hot water down the pipes in order to flush the blockage away.

If this doesn’t work, you should try a drain snake on your outside drain. you get all types of drain snake products. Make sure to use a drain snake that has a strong coil and that won’t get stuck in the blocked drain. Many times, an outside drain that is blocked will need the services of a professional plumbing company. Pro CT Plumbing will be able to help you with that.

Also remember to put back the drain cover when you finished with your diy methods.

How to unblock a drain?

There are many diy methods to unblock a drain. Obviously, it makes sense to try it yourself before you call in the services of a plumber. Some blocked drains are not that severe, and the blockage can be dealt with by the client him or herself. Here’s a few tips on how to do it yourself.

Use a hanger. a Hanger is small and flexible enough to get into the inside of the pipes to try and clear the blockage. All you need to do is to bend the hanger a little bit on the edge and push it into the pipes. Yank it a bit while the hanger is in there and it should help to clear any natural debris or gunk in the pipes.

Use a plunger. This is the most obvious solution for a blocked drain. A good plunger can be found at any hardware store. It is an excellent tool for the opening of the drain and usually gets the job done if the obstruction that is causing the blockage is not too tough to get flushed.

Baking soda and a cup of vinegar. As mentioned earlier, baking soda and a cup of white vinegar can also assist in unblocking your drain. Take 1 cup of baking soda and throw that down the drain. Then take 1 cup of white vinegar and throw that down the drain as well. The 2 ingredients will mic and cause a chemical reaction that will slowly dissolve the the natural debris that is causing the blockage. Take a kettle of boiling or warm water and throw that down the pipes in order to flush the gunk out of your plumbing system. If the blockage is not that severe, this method should help to clear your plumbing system.

A plumber’s snake is also a very useful tool when trying to unblock a drain. This tool has been developed to get on the inside of pipes and to clean all the grease and gunk that have compiled on the inside throughout the years. It is not very expensive and can save you a plumbing call out fee.

To have a blocked drain can be a real headache. There’s no need to search for the best blocked drain companies in Cape Town or for blocked drain near me online.

Our professional and experienced blocked drain plumbers in Cape Town have dealt with a wide variety of blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked sinks, blocked showers and more. We know how to get drains unblocked and we will also give you advise on how to keep your drains unblocked for the long run.

If you want a fast solution to your blocked drain headaches, then please give Pro CT Plumbing a call today.