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Going off the grid is a smart move, for the environment and your pocket. One of the most natural things to switch up is your geyser. Solar geyser installation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to work right. (See our burst geyser page.) Get the expert solar geyser plumber to help you do this right, the first time.

Yes, there are some upfront costs to solar geyser installation. You have to purchase the geyser and get a solar geyser plumber to install the thing. That’s it, in any case. Maintenance is minimal, and electricity costs are zero. Seriously.

The only downside to solar geyser installation is that you don’t necessarily have hot water around the clock. You might want to ask your solar geyser plumbing company about binary options. Here, you would combine your solar geyser installation with gas, ensuring that you have hot water early in the mornings as well.

Solar Geyser Installation Cape Town

That’s the challenge with getting solar geyser Cape Town – the winters are cold and wet, resulting in very little sunlight. When you get the best solar geyser plumber to do the job – that’s us, by the way – this won’t be an issue. We use high-quality materials and adhere to industry best practices, ensuring that your solar geyser installation works efficiently. When done right, you can even have hot water on a cold winter’s morning. You know, the one where the sun hasn’t been out in days because of the rain.

Don’t get a random person off the street to do your solar geyser installation. Search ” solar geyser Cape Town ” to get the best solar geyser plumber in your area. Our experienced team knows what they’re doing. We will give you a fair quote, offering the solution that bests suits your needs. Since our reputation is on the line, we don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t try to make a quick buck off any job.

Our experienced team has worked on solar geyser Cape Town and surrounds for years. Just ask around – our excellent work speaks for itself. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t use substandard materials, ever.

Best CT Solar Geyser Installation

Do you need a new solar geyser. Our professional plumbing team will install your solar geyser at affordable rates.

Solar Geyser Installation Company in Cape Town

So, how does a solar geyser work, in any case? It’s simple: your solar geyser plumber will install the solar geyser on the roof. It’s important to mount it on the area of the roof that receives the most direct sunlight, since it’s the sun that makes this technological wonder work. Solar geyser Cape Town is challenging in this regard, since the winters don’t have much direct sunlight. Not to worry, however. Let’s get back on track: The geyser is made up of two parts: a holding tank and an array of pipes. Usually, these pipes are black, since this allows the most heat into the system.

Water gets circulated through the pipes. Sunlight heats these pipes and thus also heats the water inside the pipes. This hot water flows into the holding tank, which is properly insulated. Especially in winter, solar geyser Cape Town needs this insulation, since the cold, wet weather could cool the water down fast. If this happens, you won’t get a hot shower.

When you open the hot water tap in your home, hot water flows from the solar geyser’s tank, just like with any other geyser. Neat! When you use this hot water faster than the supply of hot water can be replaced, you will have a cold shower. For this reason, it’s essential to ask your solar geyser plumber to match your supply and demand when doing the solar geyser installation.

For the experts in solar geyser Cape Town and surrounds, give the best plumbers in Cape Town a call. As you can see, we know solar geysers inside and out. We will meet your needs and your expectations will be exceeded. Our fees are reasonable and our work of the highest quality.

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