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It’s Saturday afternoon, and you have the whole squad in your living room for the rugby. It’s the final, and we’re about to win! The kicker is lining up for the last penalty kick – the one that will get the game in the bag. Then, water gushes from the ceiling straight onto the TV. You see sparks, people are shouting. It’s complete mayhem! What happened to the rugby? Where did the water come from? (See our solar geyser page).

Your geyser just burst, soaking the living room in water, killing your brand new flatscreen TV and interrupting the best game of the year. You need a geyser repair plumber, like, now! For the leading experts in geyser repair Cape Town and surrounds, call us. Our call-out fees are reasonable, and our response time is lightning fast.

Our expert plumbing team will evaluate the situation, discuss options with you and give you a fair quote for approval before starting work. You can rely on high-quality work using quality products. Our geyser repair plumber takes no shortcuts, which is why we don’t get comebacks. A job well done speaks for itself. Besides, our reputation is on the line.

Geyser Repair Solutions in Cape Town

We can handle any geyser repair job, regardless of whether your geyser is vertical, horizontal, high pressure or low pressure. Our geyser repair plumber knows the difference between them and has the right tools for the job. If you need an emergency geyser repair Cape Town and surrounds, don’t call your cousin’s wife’s uncle. Call us. We know what we’re doing, ensuring that your geyser won’t burst or leak again soon.

What if your water bill suddenly skyrockets and you can’t see any water running off? That probably means that your geyser or one of the pipes in the wall leaks. You won’t always see a wet spot or water running when this is the case, since the water could be draining into the soil or even into the sewer system. Get our geyser repair plumber to have a look. We will find and fix the leak ASAP.

We know the pain of having a geyser that’s just not hot enough, even when the thermostat is at its highest setting. Not fun. It would help if you had the leading experts in geyser repair Cape Town has ever seen.

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Don’t let a faulty geyser get you down. Our professional plumbing team will find and fix your geyser FAST.

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When your geyser is not reaching the desired temperature, one of two culprits are usually to blame: faulty wiring or scale build-up on the heating element. Fixing the installation is an easy job for us. So is descaling the geyser’s heating element. We will do all of this without damaging your geyser or the installation area. If the water in your area is particularly hard (yes, that’s a thing), we recommend regular maintenance. Hard water contains a high concentration of lime and salts. When this gets heated in your geyser, it cakes onto the heating element and forms a hard scale. This scale build-up can’t dissolve in water. An expert geyser repair plumber should remove it. Search “geyser repair Cape Town”. We are the number one recommended plumber in the area and for a good reason! Our high-quality work speaks for itself.

Through doing geyser repair Cape Town and surrounds, we see a lot of scale build-up causing geysers to malfunction. The water here tends to be hard, exacerbating the problem. For the best maintenance, call the expert geyser repair plumber in your area. We will sort out this issue for you in no time. Search “geyser repair Cape Town”. We will give you a reasonable quote to maintain your geyser in excellent working order. Please don’t wait for things to go wrong before calling plumber Cape Town. Timely maintenance is much more cost-effective than emergency repairs.

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