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Being kind to the environment is essential. Let the leading plumbers in Observatory help you switch your plumbing system to be energy-efficient and water-wise. We understand different hot water systems. For a comparison of solar, gas and electrical geysers and an assessment of which of these will best meet your home’s needs, call us (your plumber in Observatory) today for a free evaluation.

We can also design and install a grey-water system that will enhance your property’s water efficiency and thus also its market value. Our high-quality work is innovative and effective, giving you peace of mind that there will be no comebacks on this plumbing job.

For plumbing emergencies, call our plumbers in Observatory for a quick and efficient response. Our staff are experts and has seen it all. We will repair your plumbing system in no time. You can count on work of the highest quality, paired with fair call-out fees and the best products on the market. Our work is so good that our customers refer their friends and neighbours to us. This fact attests of the quality of our work. To safeguard our relationship with you, our valued customer, we will not commence any work before you’ve approved a written quote. By doing this, we ensure that you don’t get any surprises when the bill comes along.

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