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Fast & Affordable Emergency Plumbing Services for Cape Town Residents and Businesses. If you have a plumbing emergency, then we are ready to help you. Call us on the number below.

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Emergency Plumbers

Did the pawpaw hit the fan? More accurately, did the poop hit the floor? Did you walk outside this morning to find a new fountain in your garden? One that neatly coincides with the spot where the builders started the renovations? Or maybe your geyser decided that your ceiling needs a water feature. You need an emergency plumber. Our call outs cover anything from burst pipes and geysers to blocked drains and broken taps. Seriously. We are the best emergency plumber Cape Town has ever seen.

Is it your first-time calling out an emergency plumber? Here’s some tips that will help us give you the best – and fastest – possible service:

  • Clearly describe the situation. Detailed information allows us to prepare properly. We have a fully stocked emergency plumber toolkit, but even we sometimes need a few extra spares.
  • Is your property old or new? Did you have a recent plumbing overhaul? Knowing this will indicate the types of material and installation we’ll see.
  • The address. This one is obvious. Do you live in a complex or on a freestanding property? Plumbing in a complex tends to be a bit trickier, since units often share pipes.

Every emergency plumber on our team is a highly qualified plumber  and experienced. We have seen it all, and we know how to help. We do high-quality work and installation of the highest quality parts and materials. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. See our local plumber page.

Cape Town Emergency Plumbers

Emergency plumber call-out fees can be quite steep. We pride ourselves in the fact that our emergency plumber call-out fees are reasonable and affordable. Our prices are fair and communicated in advance. We will provide you with a quote before commencing with repairs. You can approve this cost before we start work. By the time we get to you, you’ve had quite enough surprises, so our fees won’t be one of them.

What constitutes a plumbing emergency? Any time that water (clean or dirty) comes out where it should go in or doesn’t come out where it should be coming out. That covers blocked and overflowing drains, burst or leaking geysers and pipes and leaking or broken taps. The cause here can be any number of things that went wrong. Usually, though, pipes and geysers that give trouble are old, ill-maintained, or incorrectly installed. Most plumbing emergencies (not all) are preventable by proper maintenance. Installing quality products according to installation best-practices would also prevent a whole host of emergency plumber call-outs.

Fast Emergency Plumbers

Don’t let a plumbing emergency get you down. Our professional plumbing team will help you quickly.

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With the rise of DIY plumbing solutions at home, we’ve seen an increase in emergency plumber Cape Town callouts. We understand. With the drought and the severe water restrictions, plumbing and water costs skyrocketed. You need to switch over to water-wise systems, such as water-saving taps, gas and solar geysers, and grey water systems. These are amazing and a smart idea. They are expensive, though, so it’s not a bad idea to try to do some of it yourself. Getting your cousin Martin to do it is not smart. He watched about three plumbing videos on YouTube. He never handled a shifting spanner in his life. That’s when you know you will probably need an emergency plumber soon.

Save yourself the heartache and costs. Call us to do the installation, giving you peace of mind for a job well done. Cape Town plumber charge fair, reasonable fees and our craft is top-notch. We use the highest quality products and fitting, and we have the right tools for the job.

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