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Is a blocked drain giving you a headache? We’ve all been there. It’s not pleasant. All that gunk, overflowing in your garden, on the driveway and – of the horror – in your bathroom! Gross. That’s when you search ” blocked drain Cape Town ” to get the number one plumber to your home, ASAP.

Let us sort out your blocked drain. We’re the best in the business, and we’re not scared of poop. Our call-out fees are reasonable, even when your emergency is over a weekend or at night. On-site, we will assess the situation, discuss options with you and offer you a fair quote for approval. We know that you’ve probably had all the nasty surprises you can handle, so our bill won’t be one of them.

What causes a blocked drain? As any plumber can tell you, the causes are legion. The most common cause of blocked drain Cape Town area are tree roots. Trees find any leak in your pipes. They bore into the sewers to sink their root ends into the water. Trees don’t care whether that water is clean or dirty; they slurp it up either way. In the process, they ruin your pipes and block your drains.

Blocked Drain Solutions in Cape Town

Another reason for needing to search ” blocked drain Cape Town ” is flushing foreign objects down the toilet. Yup, those old pipes have a coarse surface on the inside, so things get stuck. Like when your toddler helps you clean the house by flushing the cleaning rag down the toilet. That will get stuck somewhere and have you calling a blocked drain plumber in a panic. Fear not, the best plumber for blocked drain Cape Town is here to save the day.

Strict adherence to the severe water restrictions could also cause a blocked drain. That sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true! The severe water restrictions lead to a much smaller volume of water flowing through the pipes. Here, the stream of water is often not powerful enough to flush away objects that would usually not pose a problem. These objects build up over time, blocking the passage and having you call a blocked drain plumber the first-time heavy rains fill the pipes. Yikes! Who would have thought that you are a good, law-abiding citizen could lead to you having to search “blocked drain Cape Town?”

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Don’t let a blocked drain get you down. Our professional plumbing team will find and fix your blocked drain FAST.

Fast Unblocking of Blocked Drains

As any blocked drain plumber would tell you, using the wrong tools to unblock your drains can cause significant damage. Old ceramic sewerage pipes are especially susceptible to this type of injury. These were standard issue a few decades ago and are thus still in use in many of the older properties. The spinning blades of some types of drains cleaning tools move with such force that they shatter the brittle ceramic of the older pipes. This damage is a headache, since you now have to all these pipes.

We use the right tool for the job. When you call us, the best plumbers in Cape Town and surrounds, you won’t have any nasty surprises. We won’t damage your pipes or make a mess. Heck, we don’t like cleaning up those types of messes any more than you do.

When you need a blocked drain plumber, call the professionals. We do it right the first time — no hassles, issues or comeback. You get peace of mind, and we have the satisfaction of a job well done. It’s a win-win. Let’s face it; we would have been out of business years ago if we didn’t know what we’re doing.

Regardless of the job size, we’ve seen it all and know what to do to make things work properly again. That’s why previous customers highly recommend us. Our excellent working standards will put a smile on your face.

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